Meet Saya: the incredibly realistic computer-generated Japanese schoolgirl

I’m just going to leave this here.


Could also be a play off Maya?

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I suspect that what will actually happen is that we end up with models rather than actors. Someone licenses their appearance for a film, rather than acting in it.

And we end up with a celebrity culture with even less value than the one we have.


[quote=“Nelsie, post:21, topic:67595”]
the ■■■■■, soft and translucent skin of girls this age

I’m just going to leave this here.

[quote]Slitting a little girl’s throat is like cutting warm butter

Why bother? it seems unlikely to help the average person.

If you click through to their site it shows some of their other work, which is really amazing and provides some balance to this project.


The um, villain with the “needlefingers”? Once again, Holy Crap!

Whaaaa? This is their site that I’m talking about… I can’t see the needle fingered villain!

OK, now I sort of need to see this

Yeah, you have the scrolling image menu beneath the picture of the girl…and near the end is the “villain” with apparently huge needles for fingers, and a mask sort of like Immortan Joe’s, but probably more organic…er, real in origin.

Oh yeah! I didn’t scroll down…

That dude is pretty cool though. They do great work.

The skin still looks like plastic. Though it would help if that looked like an actual schoolgirl and not some weird idealized set of features that doesn’t look entirely Japanese, too.

"Meet Saya: the incredibly creepy computer-generated Japanese male fantasy."

Seriously JK “culture” makes me really uncomfortable for a long time.

I just leave this there for what it’s worth :

(video in English)

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Got to see if I can get the Singaporeans interested in that nanotech project.

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Actually, could you take it with you? it’s…nice, but we’re having company later, so…


Or at the grocery store check- out.

They’ll still need actors for their voices, body language, and, well, acting abilities. Even a talented animator can only do so much, and a computer can’t do it at all; there needs to be (at least) a mind driving it all for other humans to recognise and respond to.

Worst case is that you might end up with synthetic actors, comprised of the look of one model, a voice actor, a body-actor and an emotive face actor for close-ups. I don’t know who they’d send out for the movie release interviews, though.

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at what point are we going to start looking at real people and think…meh not enough detail!

Fairly often in conversation



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