Meet Saya: the incredibly realistic computer-generated Japanese schoolgirl


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Oh good, I was afraid it was another Saya…


Weird and creepy too.


I’m trying to think which cinematic genre has the most to gain from computer-generated Japanese schoolgirl characters…


Yes, but also showing great skills.
And dreams and drive.


But, should that stop people stop creating things they find beautiful, love to do, and others who love to see that kind of creations?


Honestly, this was my first thought too. I wonder how popular that game is in Japan, for them to name the bot that and not consider it.

(For those not familiar, imagine a mashup of Greg Bear’s Blood Music with Lovecraft’s idea of shoogoths, only also it’s porn.)


The hair doesn’t live up to expectations? Holy crap!


Well at least she has clothes on…


:slight_smile: I was talking about the creators. But understand the mixing up. And you are right, less change for… you know…


Soon to be seen starting in “Beyond the Uncanny Valley of the Dolls”?


I heard they had a really hard time deciding whether to do Japanese Schoolgirl or Hobo With A Shotgun


I don’t think it’s popular, but my son is a fan. Also, I’m pretty sure Saya is a common name.


Come back when she’s animated believably…


Action and horror movies, depending on the culture. Movies demonstrate how different cultures have different ways of dealing with a crisis.

Demons from hell? Europeans respond with priests. Americans respond with guns. The Japanese respond with 13 year-old girls in mini-skirts.

Alien invasion? Europeans respond with a virus (War of the Worlds). Americans respond with a computer virus or nukes. The Japanese respond with 13 year-old girls in mini-skirts.

A tentacled monster from the deep? The British have Aragorn attack it with a sword. The French have the Nemo crew attack it with axes and harpoons. The Japanese… er… serve it as a salted, fermented delicacy called shiokara. Which is even more horrific than whatever else you were thinking of.


I can’t wait for hollywood to embrace synthespians full force. Then we don’t have to have hollywood celebrity antics plastered all over the nightly news.


Disappointed she isn’t called Rei Toei.


But how is her boob physics?

Plus, wouldn’t it be easier (and exponentially less creepy) if they tried for the less ■■■■■ skin of a 30 year old? They could force it to rub the lotion on its skin.


The fresh fish section of Japanese grocery stores is something every westerner should see at least once.


I used to live around the corner from the big China Town supermarkets with the big aquariums, and they would wrestle a big fresh water eel to the chopping block and whack off its head with a cleaver.