Meet 'Spread The Vote,' a nonprofit helping voters get IDs, rides, support so they can vote

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“We believe voting is the sacred right of every American, and every American should be able to exercise it.” —


My San Diego City Council district is notoriously low voter turnout. 6 years in and our group still hasn’t budged the needle on the turnout…


And if you’re not eligible to vote, Project ID will help you get an ID at no cost in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Indiana, Louisiana, West Virginia, or North Carolina.

I assume that makes them eligible to vote? Many of the issues with documentation and its use to suppression turnout tend to make me say “I believe you and accept this is a huge problem but it still sounds really weird”

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Hats off to these guys! Such a shame and disgrace that there is a pressing need for this kind of organisation.


“We believe voting is the sacred right of every American, and every American should be able to exercise it.” —"

Please stop being weird, America.

In other news; what a cool organisation. I wish them all the best in getting people to the booth on time. It still seems that the best initiative would be to make voting day a national holiday.

What’s worse is that there are people actively fighting to keep it difficult or make it more difficult for people to vote.
Imagine the kind of person you have to be where part of your life is making it harder for someone to be able to exercise their right to vote.

Here’s what the Voter ID rule looks like in Texas. Because it’s not voter suppression if you have a handy flyer explaining why you’ll have to fill out a bunch of forms, swear to things that can lead to criminal charges if you don’t understand them, and still potentially have your vote thrown out 7-13 days later. That’s nothing compared to the run-around to get an actual driver’s license or ID in Texas. Expect to make multiple trips and receive threatening calls and letters due to clerical mistakes by staff and the outsourcing of some parts of the enforcement (insurance requirements) to a shady, for profit, private company.

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