Meet the 'Calm Bearded Tree Enthusiast Painter Dude' minifig


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Wet on Wet?


“Scary Kid Loving Sewer Clown With Balloon,”



Five Robot Lions That Form A Giant Robot With A Sword (AKA The Greatest Minifigure In The Universe)



At the other end of the spectrum from the beloved “Calm Bearded Tree Enthusiast Painter Dude” they have:


Baby squirrel accessory sold separately.


You’re not fooling anyone. That’s a sword-n-board DnD figure.


Needs more orange.


“Completely Heterosexual Fur Diaper Warrior Hero Minibrick Figure”
I literally LOL’ed. Genius!


Bob’s “brush” appears to be intact.


calling @Mister44


I have several real Lego Fetts and some knock offs like this.

I see these guys at conventions. I am still baffled how they can rip off not just LEGO but licensed characters.


Cute, but to me he’ll always be a Padawan. I prefer his teacher, the Master Magic Painter of Mountains:


That’s a very large… brush he has there.


You know what they say about guys with a large brush.


Gotta wear a hairnet when serving food?


o_0 uh, no. They can put a lot of paint on the canvas fast.


Dammit, I completely misread “brush” like 4 times.


Larger happy accidents.


NSFW because of swearings.