Meet the proprietor of the last chess supply store in New York City


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I always liked walking past this place on the way downtown. Between the eccentrics who hang out outside, the fact that it’s an expensive retail storefront devoted to selling supplies for a single game associated with refined intellectuals, its “anyone is welcome” vibe, and the artistic quality of the sets displayed in the window, it was a regular reminder of what makes the city what it is.




I don’t care how much you love chess, you can’t actually use more than maybe 2-3 sets. Unless some serious collectors are customers, how could this business ever be successful?


Yeah, but whether you have 1, 2, 3 or even more sets, you’re always, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, going to be missing some pawns.


Bishop to King 7. Checkmate I think.


Maybe it also caters to tourists?


Milk and cookies keeping you awake, huh?


Have you ever even heard of chess BOOKS!?! There’s a bunch of them, many exceedingly hard to find.


Many a visitor has come in trying to put a checkered past behind them.


Are you saying they Go there?


That ending man, it made me so sad. He just fades into the night :cry:


No its more to do with this sex doll I found in the rubbish last night.


Wonderful. Inspiring. That is all.


Yeah, that’s going to end well for you…


Not to me. Just look in the “For Dummies” section and I’m all set.


Feels more like “made the city what it was”.

All the brainpower that used to be poured into chess… where does it go now?


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