Meet the Sweden Democrats, a creepy far-right nationalist group

Of course not. Must guard against the white man’s brainwashing, so it’s best not to engage. Not that I’m white myself, though of course you couldn’t know that I’m not, but there are white people in Sweden, and many of them are concerned about the problems that immigration are causing, so that must make them fascist or Nazis, or perhaps Eurocentric baddies. Must be a brainwashing conspiracy.

It’s a brilliant piss-take. Thought that might have been obvious.

On Anglo-Saxon, I guess? No, whatever you mean by it is not obvious to me. And the reference I’m getting so far to a common white supremacist term in US history is disturbing to me. Would you mind explaining what you mean by it? (Even though, I know, people hate explaining their jokes.)

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Yes, a pun, vis-a-vis an Anglo-Saxon who likes fishing. Though I am not and do not. But you’ve got me stumped: what could my moniker possibly have to do with white supremacy in the US?


Yes, a pun, vis-a-vis an Anglo-Saxon who likes fishing. Though I am not and do not.

And you call that a brilliant piss-take? On what?

“White Anglo-Saxon” was a term that white Americans used to call themselves in order to exclude provisional whites, like the Irish or Italians, from full membership in the white club.


Shitheel fishing would be something entirely different from fishing fishing.

Are you sure you’re not trying to be provocative? Can you provide any evidence to the contrary?


I genuinely do not understand what white Americans or their “clubs” have to do with the topic at hand or my username. I’m guessing there’s some sort of politically correct default setting at work here that sets off a warning at the slightest mention of anything vaguely related to European ethnicity? I’m not American, I’m a Yukayer.

My experience from an entire life lived in the UK is that the only people who care about calling themselves Anglo-Saxon are further to the right than most of the Conservative party.

Never mind that there hasn’t been a dominant Anglo-Saxon culture here for 900 years. It’s all nationalistic fairytales.



I’ve had a personal theory that people cry reverse racism when they feel their former privileged advantage slipping. While most of us applaud this and do whatever we can to make things a fair level playing field, there are some people who resent losing the unfair advantage even in small degrees.

I think this is the same root as “Christian Oppression” or the “War on Christmas”. Things that have unopposed dominance, an unfair advantage, and “enjoyed” periods of zero opposition while pushing out all other alternatives, cry foul when they see others creeping in on their turf, and by creeping in I mean getting a small sliver of a fraction of a fair shot.

Just my 2cents for whatever it is worth.:slight_smile:


I’ve been tempted myself. I bet they would be delicious, and there is a lot of easy to catch food sitting right there.
Not to mention that here in BC they are such a nuisance that the lakeside park has had to install sound and water systems to chase them off and keep then off in time to clean all the shit off the soccer fields before games.

To be fair, I’ve eyed the pigeons the same way.

Speaking of which beaver is delicious! (edit: the animal you sickos…)



I kid you not. Most British people believe this. Ok, maybe not ‘most,’ but I never said I was going to be fair and impartial. This story pops up again and again in the more, shall we say, ‘creative’ parts of the British media. In other words, the parts that print the first thing that comes into their heads rather than mucking around with all that tedious ‘journalism’ and ‘research’ nonsense.

Britain’s press has form you know…


Political hogwash, racist asswipes have used the term “no go zones” as a propaganda term to instill fear about immigrants.

People claimed the same thing about places in france, but when reporters when into those places they found them full of amazing people, vibrant artists communities, good food, and were never threatened once, not once. They were thriving communities.

There are only a small number of places in Sweden deemed by the Swedish police as too dangerous to enter as a single unit. They still go there, just not without backup. There are places in the USA that have been the same. In Sweden these places are considered dangerous not because of immigrants like the conservative radio talk hosts like to claim, they are considered dangerous because of gangs, biker gangs, the majority of which are of Swedish decent. Some of the gangs are other ethnicities, like russian, lebanese, iranian, but the division isn’t any one culture or race and is heavily weighted to white people of swedish decent You can read about it in their own words.

My parents, who are elderly white American ex-pats live in one of these areas of sweden. They aren’t bothered by the gang members because they only bother each other and the police. Stop using lies to spread racism.

Again this is not true and a lot more complex then you are understanding, not only is your percentage way off, most of it is due to the difference in reporting vs other counties. both in what they consider rape and how the tally their counts, and immigrants are a higher percentage of the victims. I don’t know where you are getting your racist information from, but I’d consider finding a more reliable less biases sources.

Sweden is very open to immigrants and just voted to raise their taxes so that they could increase the number of immigrants they take per year, this passed the vote by a large margin, which indicates that the swedish people as a whole do not share your viewpoints. No one is making them take immigrants, they voluntarily increased their own taxes to help. That is true compassion. Republicans could learn a thing or two from them.

On a personal note, I am currently renting out a room in my house to an immigrant for a small fraction of what rooms rent for in this area to help them get on their feet. Nicest person you could ever meet, with such a big heart, and so generous despite having almost nothing. Through them I’ve gotten to know a lot of the immigrant families in my area and my life is so much richer for it. We regularly share meals, music, and laughter. When your world view expands and you stop being close minded, you’ll realize that most people are generally good, there are great people from every part of this globe, and we are all better off when we help each other.


As opppposed to to the Nazi hive mind? Personally, I frequently find the Guardian annoyingly right wing by my standards, particularly its op Ed pieces. Bzzzzzzzzzzz.


Be thankful they don’t know teh seekrit ALL CAPS TRICK… :smiley:


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