Melania Trump’s smoking gun, and Mitch McConnell’s short-circuiting brain, in last week’s dubious tabloids

Originally published at: Melania Trump's smoking gun, and Mitch McConnell's short-circuiting brain, in last week's dubious tabloids | Boing Boing

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To be fair to Asa Ellerup I’m sure her world is an absolute shambles right now and she’s having the mind-fsck of a century…serial killers never, ever, ever come across as serial killers. Ted Bundy was considered one of the most charming people many of those that knew him would later say. The BTK killer was a deacon in his church and well respected. Even John Wayne Gacy was a highly respected member of his local community.

The only one I can think of that comes close, is an very old one. H. H. Holmes, the Devil from Devil in the White City (a book I cannot recommend highly enough) gave a LOT of people the skeeves during his “reign.”

Ah, the knowledge I’ve acquired as the son of a father who was fascinated by serial killers.

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