Counterpoint to Netflix's fawning Ted Bundy documentary

This is a worthwhile read. It’s not long on nightmare fuel details of his crimes. Mostly it’s incisive criticism of the public portrayal of the Bundy.

And therein lies the crux of the Bundy myth: Even when convicted of the most depraved crimes, a white man’s supposed potential will supersede reality. From the time he was first arrested, to when he was strapped to the electric chair, to present day when he is being romanticized into some machiavellian Romeo, Ted Bundy was given the benefit of the doubt.

Also a prime example of America’s vile death cult like worship of mass murders.



Something is seriously off with some people.

Also, accounts of how ‘handsome’ and “hot” Bundy was are the epitome of milquetoast White male privilege, IMO.


Those were some mediocre, unremarkable aesthetics.


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