New Ted Bundy documentary based on deeply creepy unheard jailhouse recordings

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Ted, where ever you are, stay there.


If it doesn’t give useful tips on how to avoid someone like him - I’ll pass. I don’t need to invite him into my living room.


With an unusual combination of extreme sociopathy and high intelligence like his, combined with superficial good looks and charm, people don’t know until it’s too late (and, as the trailer shows, sometimes after it’s too late).


His murderous career is truly one of the most distressing things you could read about. Going to skip this documentary because I like sleeping.


Fun fact: The Bundy family in “Married, with children” got their name from him.


Serial killers are human beings. It’s our desire to see them as anything but that makes it “incongruous” that someone could be charming and also a brutal murderer. But it’s not as if we don’t have “perfectly sweet” people explaining why children should be locked in cages right now. I guess I don’t find serial killers that shocking or that interesting, because they’re few and far between. It’s the bounty of perfectly sweet people who would never touch a hair on my head that worry me.


I mean I know there are people advocating locking children in cages, but I don’t see what you mean by “perfectly sweet”, even when you put it in quotation marks. They are plain antisocial.

There are people I would describe as having well adjusted, social personalities and there are all kinds of other personalities, some of which are antisocial or even sociopathic. Yes, they are human beings, but it’s not like that fact alone makes anyone trustworthy.

Isn’t that exactly what makes them shocking and interesting?

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You cannot define people out of society because you don’t like the way they think, so the problems get simpler. These people have friends and talk to other people. They have jobs and lives and behave exactly like you do, for the most part. You share a culture with them. They are a substantial number of the population of functioning adults. They’re not an anomaly. You can’t bifurcate them or their tendencies from the rest of the population. Especially because we hide a lot of our viciousness in ideas of “justice.” If someone is a criminal, holy shit is there no end to the kind of suffering people are happy to see. And there’s almost always a crime that will justify some form of infliction of suffering. Most of the time it’s about finding the right crime and criminal for the person you’re talking to.

I didn’t say that it did. But at the same time, you don’t act around humans like you would around wild animals, do you?

Are you arguing that there’s an objective standard for shocking and interesting?


Hannah Arendt…

And Christopher Browning approve of your comments…:


I made no argument against any of what you said there.

No, but I don’t trust them much more than wild animals until I get to know them reasonably well.

No, and if mundane and commonplace occurrences are shocking and interesting to you, rather than rare and unusual ones, I won’t try to convince you otherwise.

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