Melinda French Gates said Bill’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein led to the end of their marriage

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Maybe that’s what they do best now. The Apple II computers needed a special utility to copy disks long after 1976.

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No, of course not. The issue here is that his product was a direct derivative of work that the hobbyists and Uni researchers who came before him had done and the copying he was complaining about was for the purpose pushing the technology further. It wasn’t like IBM was stealing his product, it was hobbyists who were the backbone of the proto-PC culture. Basically, he’s complaining about the very culture (often publicly funded) that allowed him to create his version of BASIC in the first place. All in all, he wasn’t wrong, he’s just a disingenuous dick who was trying to wall off a vibrant culture that thrived on open sharing and collaborative innovation.


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