Watch Bill Gates squirm when asked about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein on PBS News Hour

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As if there weren’t enough conspiracy theories floating around about Bill Gates or Epstein’s death already.


"JUDY WOODRUFF: Is there a lesson for you, for anyone else looking at this?

BILL GATES: Well, he’s dead."
Hmm, sounds like a lesson for us, then.
(This is a joke. I don’t believe Bill Gates or anyone else had Epstein murdered. I believe he had ample reason to kill himself)


No. We don’t need more philanthropy, we need to tax the shit out of Bill Gates and invest much of that money in public health


This sort of thing is why this emoji was invented:



"Well, I have lots of money, he said he had lots of money, and people who have lots of money hang out together. How was I supposed to know that he had lots of money because he blackmailed other people with lots of money who shared his predilection for having sex with kids? And hey, do you know that some people with lots of money can turn other people, even those with lots of money, into dead people?

“In conclusion: lots … of … money.”


You’d think at this point gates would just stop doing interviews.


Bill builds spaceship to avoid future interviews.


There are literally countless stories of Bill hosting orgies in San Fran back in the day. There may or may not be video and pics of said orgies still floating around out there on the interwebs…

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Epstein lured people into his scam by promising them access to rich and famous people, then he got kompromat with them and his child sex slaves. There seem to be a lot of people who were in his orbit for a while, then ran away; my guess is that these are the people who said no to the underage sex.

Gate’s job is to talk to rich people and convince them to donate at least some of their money to charity, possibly his. Epstein had a rep for being a mover and shaker; one of the “social traffic cops” of NYC, where there are a lot of rich people. I can understand why this access would have been important to Gates to do his job, and if he didn’t know about the children sex slaves I can see why he would attempt to use Epstein to get to these people. (In fact, I’m kind of shocked that Epstein didn’t blackmail people into giving Gates money to continue the ploy. Not like it was his money…)

And that’s the problem. I really wish Ghislaine Maxwell would have spilled the beans, or that they would have released the kompromat - because now we don’t know who fucked the children and who didn’t.

I also hate that it sure seems like he got away with it for decades because he had the local and even national LEO compromised too.


The biggest tyrants had the worst haircuts. Lesson: don’t mess with money.


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The transcript doesn’t do this justice, you have to watch Gates squirm. He says he cut off the meetings with the known child sex predator because the predator wasn’t able to bring in the money Gates had hoped for.

Gates goes on to say how not enough philanthropy money goes into global health. Wait a minute… he was the richest man on earth for decades. He could change that in an instant. Just pull in fellow Seattleite Bezo’s ex-wife. She’ll show you how it’s done.

After watching Bill’s performance here, I have to agree with AOC’s dress.


Um, er, well, something, something, nothing to see here.

Sure thing, Bill.

Have you ever seen Bill Gates and Woody Allen in the same room?
No, you haven’t.
Same person? I’m not saying. Just, um, well. The resemblance in this clip is deep.

It sure looks like he thought his publicist had negotiated ground rules, but Woodruff obviously didn’t sign off on whatever her producer may have talked about.

Which is how it should be. News shows tend not to agree to flat out bans on subjects, but producers often let publicists highlight hot button topics they don’t want to be brought up, with the implication that they won’t play ball in the future if an anchor crosses a line.

Producers and on-air personalities are much too indulgent to these kinds of suggestions. What does it really matter if Bill Gates doesn’t return? The world is full of people who will spiel for 300 seconds, a lot of them better than the usual suspects.


Totally agree. I was actually quite surprised that Judy kept digging in, with more questions about Epstein. Good for her. I hold the News Hour in high esteem, and this demonstrates why.

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As I said previously; I regret those massages. But rest assured that I never took my pants off.

They were assless.


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