Meme star "Hide The Pain Harold" takes trip of lifetime to Manchester, England


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Is he playing the awkward up for the camera? I worry he has anxiety/depression :frowning:


I assume so. His “character” is that he’s putting on a smiling face while he’s dying inside.


but is he acting? :worried:


People tell me there are two clubs here

No love for Stockport County? They are still around and played in the Football League for over 100 years. Just because their recent derby rivals have been Salford City, Curzon Ashton and FC United of Manchester, doesn’t mean they don’t have a history.


The visit to the Salford Lads Club was a nice touch.


I LIVE in Manchester so I know what it feels like to hide the pain. But really, being British in our new Brexit existence means all Brits have to just carry on and hide the pain.


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