Memes helped Morbius become a top ten film on Netflix

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Once I saw it was on Netflix, I did watch it. I already have a Netflix account so it cost me nothing but time. I wish I could get that time back now. I have no idea where Sony thinks they’re going with this Rogue’s Galleryverse, but so far it’s just been a hot mess.


I give it a solid 5/10. The cg action scenes were quite well done, I actually enjoyed those.

The main problem was that after only 10 minutes into the movie I already knew everything that would happen in the entire film. At this point I’m bored to tears with superhero origin story films: they’re all exactly the same because we’ve seen the exact same story played out dozens of times now. Spiderman Homecoming was so great partly because they bucked the trend: they didn’t force us to (again) watch Peter get bitten by the radioactive spider and get his powers, etc., etc.

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I watched it on a plane. I knew nothing about the character, didn’t know he was supposed to be a villain. I too found it fairly predictable. About an hour after watching I struggled to remember any important details. Pass.


I admit that we watched Morbius this past weekend. It was good for a laugh… nothing made any sense, and there wasn’t any set left by the end of the film thanks to Matt Smith chewing it up…

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I completely forgot Matt Smith was in it. Thats how forgettable it was.

He looks better in a bow tie. Bow ties are cool.


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I havent seen it yet but i have the same opinion. Not paying money to see it in theaters but i might consider watching it at home under the right circumstances so it getting more attention through streaming makes sense to me.


Nobody chews up a scene better. And now he’s doing the same in House of the Dragon.


That was literally the worst movie I’ve seen since The Card Counter. I tried to find one redeeming quality to this movie, and found nothing but empty, vapid, predictable slop. Sorry, but this was one bad movie!


I watched it on a Discord “Bad Movie Night”… though to be honest, the movie is far more “blah” and/or “meh” than “bad.” As others have said, it’s utterly predictable and relentlessly bland, except for Matt Smith, who’s the only one having any kind of fun at all (including the audience.) There were a few nice visual effects, sure, but without an interesting plot or fascinating characters, they don’t mean much.

super meh superman


Yeah, I saw it on Netflix, too - I was feeling stupid and “free” was exactly what I was willing to pay to see it. And after having seen it, my feeling was, “Well, that was definitely… a movie.”

It was pretty clear, especially after the post-credit scenes, that the makers of the movie had absolutely no idea what they were doing, or why. I don’t expect it’ll get any better from here. I can see why Marvel didn’t want this nonsense as part of the MCU…

I could (barely) go along with “Because DNA, I have magic bat powers now. Magic bat powers are cool.” because… comic books. But everything that happened, everything the characters did, the set-up for scenes, it’s true - none of it made any sense. And the fight scene at the end, where they’re punching each other through 20 feet of asphalt and earth… I’m thinking, “Wait, they’re Superman, now? WTF?” It’s like at every point the film-makers asked a question, they went with the obvious answer, even if it made no sense. And obviously a conflict had to be resolved with a fight, and the fight had to be composed of nothing less than punching through walls (because this is now an unavoidable element of superhero movies, I guess). And of course a bat-themed dude had to win using bats. Small insectivores to take down a guy who just went through load-bearing concrete walls with no ill effects. Yep, sure.


Good grief, I think we watched most of this movie. @Nightflyer: “Super Meh” is not only spot on, it may be the funniest meme I’ve ever seen. :joy:


While I do agree that Morbius was predictable, I think Netflix has the right idea of picking up the lesser known and out there comic characters. Major Grom was a Netflix produced film and it is pretty solid. I really dig the vibe of the European & Australian sci-fi, action, horror stuff. They all still have that touch of late 90’s early 2000 American style to them. Realistically most super hero or villain movies aren’t exceptional cinema, so I have a hard time taking a critics review of them seriously.

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I don’t ordinarily feel a strong need to complete the discussion in this way, but I liked the scene where he announced “it’s morbin’ time” and he morbed all over the place

I think that was the Mighty Morbin’ Power Rangers

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