Memoir of a Mormon missionary expelled from Canada as a terrorist

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The Accidental Terrorist is the first book to pierce—not to mention
deflate—the veil of mystery shrouding those deceptively earnest
preachers of the Mormon faith.

Hardly. A simple google search will get you to dozens upon dozens of sites with former members of the LDS faith telling you all the ‘secrets’ of the temple ceremonies, the supposed ‘inner workings’ of the church leadership, etc. etc. Nothing particularly new here. Sounds me like he just let himself get pressured into doing something he didn’t really believe in or want to do, became very unhappy, and then made some questionable decisions with unfortunate consequences as a result.


Internet search did not answer the merits of the terrorism charge. Anybody here knows more?

He was probably in possession of a lime-green-jello-salad that was mistaken for a bio-terrorism weapon.

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It’s on his Wikipedia page. With a link to the original article:

I see now. Where did I put my eyes yesterday?!?

…a lousy bomb threat, not even an actual bomb…

Ceremonies are one thing, the mentality of the kids is another.

I see them all the time here in Munich, but that,s because they take the same commuter line as I do, and because I keep flipping the Ingress portal before their church.

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