Men fight over photo op at famous tourist spot

You’re lucky the interaction didn’t escalate from there. Rodents are documented for making consecutive demands upon being gifted cookies.


Also, while I’m sure it was a sweet moment with an adorable creature, ground squirrels can be carriers of many nasty diseases including bubonic plague so it’s usually best to admire them from a distance.

I can’t imagine how bad that must get at the top of Everest considering that most of the climbers are entitled rich folks who paid a ton for the privilege of getting there. (Plus, to be fair, waiting in one place too long could literally lead to death)


This one with sound. It doesn’t help much, I can hear someone complaining about some foul play (probably taking too long on the rock, as the caption suggests), then people screaming and the man on green shirt saying to the other guy to get out. And there is funk playing on the background, not sure if was playing at the scene or added by the OP.

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It is also known they will then bring their friends, like moose, pig, cat, dog…

…and they couldn’t get near the mirror. Tsk.


I thought this was going to be a story of people claiming “ownership” of the position.
I once saw two legionaries scuffle outside the Colosseum over a favoured pitch, they gave up over fears of damaging their splendid costumes.
I have also seen two professional beggars fighting over a pitch in Barcelona outside one of Gaudí’s houses, one was armed with a knife, the other had a knife and a duck*, they were pulled up short by a woman warning that the police were coming.

*ducks were used to elicit sympathy.

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Nearing the End Times, resources around the planet were scare for everyone… food, shelter, safety… but the Influencers had it the worst - fewer people able to afford communication devices, less eyes on content… the Influencers had to compete like never before. What had once been a simple brick wall was now a highly sought-after spot for preening and emaciated duck lips. Without clicks and likes, they would all soon die out. And hanging rock was no different.


Dad? I didn’t know you had a Boing Boing account!

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