Men who want naked pictures, of themselves (nudity)


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That was admittedly the least pornographic image I’ve ever seen of a naked guy flogging the dolphin.


It’s only Wednesday, and we already have a Comment of the Week winner.


Heck, even less pornographic than a “Wheeled” dolphin


And here I thought I knew all euphemisms for that… I’ve learned something today! :smiley:

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There will never be a shortage of euphemisms so long as the world has poets.

And masturbators.


Hopefully this song will add a few more to your vocabulary. Heck, it added some to mine, and I keep notebooks of euphemisms.

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I feel so terribly well-educated!

…and inspired. If you’ll excuse me… I’ll be in my bunk.

(Incidentally, “being in one’s bunk” has become a sort of euphemism in and of itself. Fascinating, innit?)

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that last photo is quite sexy, in my opinion, and i love how it’s this old pinup pose.

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