Mental trip ups

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Of course, I meant “objective” What the fuck? how does that happen? 57 and I still just choose the wrong word out of a pair too often. Some kind of dyslexia I bet.

wanna hear something really embarrassing? I’m 39 and have always confused “left” and “right.” In terms of the actual direction, I have absolutely no confusion—I’m excellent with direction. But assigning a word to that direction short-circuits me. It’s like assigning a vector to a dance. It’s so much easier to understand and express physically, words seem redundant.

I’m pretty sure this is because I developed a good sense of direction before I finished learning to talk/society demanded that I “learn my left from right” in kindergarten or first grade. I wandered around alone on a lot of undeveloped land as early as I could walk, so like 3 yo. I knew what direction to go before any words were assigned. Which is a very roundabout rationalization as to why I’m such a derp sometimes.

Yeah well one time in high school geometry class, I noticed I got a proof wrong because I mixed up the direction of the Y axis. I noted to the teacher that my proof was valid… for inverted Y-axes.

I got “the look”.


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