Mercy Ban (or self-ban feature)

I have a paper I really, really, really, need to get done tonight. I find I’m procrastinating and that the BBS has become a very effective tool for that. Can I please be banned until this time tomorrow? Whaddaya say, @Falcor ? Hungry? Feeling like flexing the banmuscles?

Can’t you find something offensive you can do that would justify a 24hr ban?

(But not so bad you get a 250 year one)

Violet Blue is my homegirl.


I too lack self-discipline in this regard.

@codinghorror: how feasible would it be to add a “self-ban” feature where users could voluntarily block themselves for a set amount of time?

Ooh, can we have badges?


You’ll go blind!
(or grow hair on your clicky-finger)


24 hours, your wish is my command. Don’t say I never did anything for you.


How did that taste?

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Like desperation.


If you use Chrome, you could try StayFocusd in lieu of a ban. (I’ve also got a paper due tomorrow, so I should probably remove myself this site for the next day or so). Possible suitably mild offences:

  • Impersonating a level 3 commenter
  • Posting ASCII pictures
  • Derailing a 4 day old thread

This may need some calibration, since admitting trollery warrants a 274 year ban. We want exactly one day.

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I installed something like that once. I just started using a different browser while the plugin was blocking where I wanted to go.


Yeah, I just use my phone.

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Thank you. You are a scholar and a not-so-gentledragon.


I highly recommend the Firefox addon LeechBlock (that page also links to the Firefox addon page, if you feel uncomfortable with extensions from random websites).

Be sure to check the setting “Prevent access to options for this block set at times when these sites are blocked.”


I literally was just adjusting my settings on the thing. I too, must recommend it.

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Guys if any of you are Mac users you all need some bloody SelfControl.

Different browsers won’t work, even uninstalling the app won’t work. Unfortunately I don’t think it comes in Android, iOS or Windows…


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