Mermaid tights with silicone shin-scales

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Finally, something to cover up my Ichthyosis vulgaris!


First: those are thighs, not shins. Shins are the other part of the leg.

Edit: This refers to the picture with the pink scales, not the picture with the blue/green scales. I didn’t see the blue-green one when I posted this

Second: Why would you have these on only one part of the leg? I think they’d be much cooler to have them cover the whole leg (you know, like a mermaid’s tail).

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The scales would definitely make more sense in the ankle area.

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I have them on right now.



Maybe you’re not looking at the same picture as everyone else. Hint: her feet are at the top of the picture and most of the scales are betweeen her feet and her knee.

Ugly, overpriced and highly impractical.

Plus, the way they are designed, it looks like those tights would be very uncomfortable.


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Huh. I was looking at the picture in the comments area, which looks like this:

I didn’t see the one in the actual post.


Weird, I didn’t see that one. Heh.

I think it was manufactured locally… finest quality… superior workmanship. There is a maker’s serial number… 9-9-0-6-9-4-7-X-B-7-1. Interesting. Not fish. Snake scale!


You march upstairs and put them back in my lingerie drawer this. Very. Second. Mister.

Sigh. Always stretchin’ out my delicates…


will they knock spots off like lurex glitz

Probably. Looks like they’re glued on.

Not fish! Snake!

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