These prosthetic fingers, toes and ears are so real you can't tell they're fake


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Whoof. The pricing puts them squarely out of range of halloween office social prank territory.

I wonder if the target market is to “automate” away the jobs of hand models and the like?


silicone, unless you’re that Star Trek rock creature that Spock did the mind-meld with.


Look, those gnawed fingernails are artisanally chewed by people wearing dentures to match your teeth. Quality costs!


Oh, the price is reasonable, and having a designated nose picker finger would really make my life complete.


Technically silicone contains silicon, but yes, conflation.


What a great name for the company!

Ten dollars says the founder is a D&D nerd.



Well now I just feel like a rube for thinking that magician was doing something clever.


Could they be used to make someone’s hands look larger?


that comment rates a guffaw!


“These prosthetic fingers, toes and ears are so real you can’t tell they’re fake”

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the ones that aren’t attached to a person are fake.

And come on people, no “these fingers cost an arm and a leg” jokes?


I can’t quite put a finger on if these puns are bad or not. I don’t have an ear for this kind of stuff.


You need a toe? I can get you a toe, Dude.
[checks watch]
Pshh, I can get you a toe by three-o’clock this afternoon. Nail polish and all.


They could leverage this skill into making fake Mexican food (a la Japan) for restaurant menu displays.

They could, you know.


That rock creature? They were called the Horta. We really should be more sensitive to the all rock-burrowing sentient beings… however fictional and wild-ass improbable they are.


That would fall under ‘false advertising’.



Is there room to stuff a red silk handkerchief inside? If not, I’m not buying.


How do they taste in a cocktail?


Don’t you think i don’t see what you did there.