Merrick Garland says Chauvin's guilty verdict not enough – Minneapolis Police Dept now being investigated

Originally published at: Merrick Garland says Chauvin's guilty verdict not enough – Minneapolis Police Dept now being investigated | Boing Boing


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Keep this kind of thing up, Merrick.


Damn straight. Never forget this is how the department initially described the incident, and almost certainly the story they would have stood by if not for the video:


exactly. Don’t make George Floyd’s killer a scapegoat. He deserves his punishment, but he can’t somehow absolve (let alone fix) the organization’s culpability.

Chauvin’s conviction is a lot more straightforward than that of the other officers who are his former fellow defendants. [EDIT:] If Chauvin was their training officer, he spoke on behalf of the police department. It’s one thing to think a colleague is doing wrong and quite another to think the organization’s official policy errs. There comes a point where morality demands you rebel, but an argument can be made that that it isn’t clear, beyond reasonable doubt, that that point had [EDIT again; sheesh!] come. And that argument will be made. Skillfully.


Great, now do the other 18,000 LEO agencies in the US.


This is a good way to work out that checklist of things to review. Then bring out the big hammer!


They are already doing Portland:


So when people question the attitude on the BBS towards shootings that seem to have some justification - just remember even though some shootings may be justified, don’t take the police statement at face value. They lie. They honestly have earned the reputation of to not be trusted until proven otherwise.


One way or another, Garland was going to make white conservatives cry.


Amen to this, and about fucking time. Oversight in all forms and ways.

Like any other institution with no oversight it becomes corrupt. Instead of pouring more money into their budgets every time the fuck-up its time that they operate knowing there are consequences. Maybe they will realize they can do their core job better if they pull back from all the stuff that has been criminalized by dumping it on the police, and we can spend that money on social work that benefits people instead of putting them in jail.


As a Minneapolis resident I am very glad. And they should investigate Brooklyn Center next. We clearly have deep systemic issues with racial bias in our police here in the Twin Cities/metro area. We also have a problem with how police have treated protesters and especially the violence towards journalists. Every person I know who has participated in the protests has been shot by rubber bullets, maced, or in other ways assaulted by the police this year.

I live in the third precinct and the police basically disappeared after the station burned. Police who work with a security firm in the next neighborhood over openly admitted they were not responding to any calls in our area. Frankly, other than the loud drag racing on 94 and on Lake street, and the near constant carjackings, I haven’t noticed they were gone. If we can get by for most of a year without the police, why are we paying so much for them?


For four years, when I heard his name, or McConnel’s, I’d narrow my eyes in rage over how he’d been cheated from being on the court. Now I just smile, and hope his investigations at some points lead him to looking into the minority leader’s misdeeds. As well as everyone else who conspired to keep him away from authority.


Good, maybe that insufferable trumpster Bob Kroll (MPLS police union chief) will finally be taken down.


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