Mesmerizing timelapse of Kilauea lava flows

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That scared the pants off me.

This proves my thesis that lava has not kept up with the times. Maybe in the 14.4K modem days lava moved fast enough, but in the high-speed/YouTube world, lava has not kept pace and now must be artificially sped up to remain “cool” to today’s youth. In the future lava will be left behind if it does not make some much-needed changes to adjust to the new paradigm.


Beautiful and primordial!

Nature is always showing us who really runs things around here but us humans can’t stand not being in control.


Amazing footage. Thanks for sharing.

This is probably a dumb question, but here goes: would large berms or ditches be effective in directing the lava flow around or away from houses and other valuable things? Seems to me from watching this and other videos, lava will follow things like roads or river valleys.

The obvious answer is no, since I’ve not heard of any such attempts. Certainly others have thought of this and dismissed this, or have tried and failed?

In no way do intend to minimize the impact this event is having, nor insult those who do know about these things. Just curious.

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The newer lava flow is thinner and faster than the one in the video, but maybe still not fast enough for the youtube generation.

It has been tried, with mixed success:


Thought I’d revive this thread to post that this scenic lake is now filled with lava:

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