Hawaii residents near active volcano warned of health hazards beyond being, oh, burned alive by hot lava




I wanna poke it with a stick so bad.


Bad idea.


Go ahead and mess with Pele. See where it gets you.


Lava briefly entered the fish pond next to the house, before continuing downslope.

So, um, it’s no longer in the fish pond? Is that what it’s saying?
That would seem… unlikely. ಠ~ಠ


Maybe because the location can no longer accurately be called a fish pond?


Or the lava is now no longer lava? Lava + fishpond = rock + steam.


You see what happens when you stop throwing virgins down volcanoes? I hope you’re happy.


Hot damn! Damn hot!


Lava is fun to play with. I wouldn’t mind some fun.

Maybe they should throw lawyers into the volcano, and then open the area for you-are-on-your-own tourists?


Do we have to bring our own lawyers or will there be concession stands supplying them for a reasonable price?


You want to appease the volcano, not piss it off by tossing our detritus into it…


I forget where I saw this (probably the cheesy That’s Incredible) but I remember something about an artist whose medium was lava. He took a lump from an active flow and used some tongs to manipulate it into a vaguely upright shape. The sale price was $3000. I thought about rushing out to buy some tongs and moving to Hawaii.

It may have been the artist Steve Lang.


Given that lava is a close sibling to molten glass (glass-ceramics, to be more accurate), this is unsurprising.

The cost it fetched is way more surprising.

To get a business with some risk involved going, you have to get rid of the lawyers first. If it makes the volcano more visually active, even better.

There is a book, “Volcanic Tourist Destinations”, by Patricia Erfurt-Cooper, so the volcano tourism may even be a good business already.

The idea of the concession stand, together with bring-your-own, can also provide an entire new business model tackled onto mere tourism.


Now you’re just being silly.


We could always kidnap them to supply for the throwing. You know. Pro bono.


Or it could be another incentive to not lose a lawsuit.
Especially for the pro bono ones.


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