Metallica denies crypto connection, but still can't explain their drum sounds

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… maybe they need someone in the mastering booth to not crank the gain up to 13 on the dial and give the music some actual headroom?

(either that, or whoever is doing their mastering needs some remedial lessons in music theory other than ‘loudness over everything else’, but then, I repeat myself.)


Do people still really care about Metallica, though? They’ve been at the “cruise control” state for a couple decades now, like the Stones, and there’s plenty of other bands out there who “do Metallica” better than the band themselves.

I mean, we don’t talk about anything much beyond AJFA, because the metal scene is pretty damn healthy these days, and there’s LOTS of bands who can play commercially-successful 80s thrash.


Someone getting scammed out of their cryptocurrency for bogus NFTs sounds appropriate. Metallica’s response should have been, “LOL.”


The production on Lars’ kick drums has always been crap. That’s one of the reasons I’ve never been able to get into them. Instead of a “thunk” or a “boom”, its always “clickety”. Bleh.


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… it would not be at all surprising if nobody in Metallica could hear that anymore

I certainly can’t




Can you provide some examples please?

Any band from the past 20 years which doesn’t involve a member of Metallica. Honestly, plug Metallica into your favorite music app, hit “Find Similar” and you’ll find more than enough to occupy yourself.

Give the following a try:

None of those have a snare that was intentionally gated to sound like shit, nor a lead who can’t hit the same notes or bothers to sing the lyrics.



I have to say none of those seem to me to “do Metallica” at all. I’d say Ghost comes closest but they strike me much more as Blind Guardian after a heavy diet of HIM and, I dunno, I want to say Paramore or Placebo or something more poppy like that.

Like their sound or not, Metallica have always done an excellent job of sounding like Metallica (with the big exception of St. Anger which I’ve never managed to get head around). And like his drumming or his setup or not, that is for me mostly down to Lars and the way his drumming interacts with and underpins the guitars/ bass.

Finding a band that scratches that particular itch without being Metallica is something I haven’t had much luck with.

Still, where we can agree is that there are plenty of other bands out there worth listening to on their own merits.

Give “Emperor of Sand”-era Mastodon a try, if you want something that can be cranked in the driveway while you’re washing your car, and occasionally take breaks to air solo.


is very very very good :blush:

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I prefer the Clint Mansell’s Lux Aeterna.