Mexican election: saturation robo-calls spreading disinformation about Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

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Obrador would make tRump’s life a living hell, so I can see why the establishment politicos in Mexico don’t want him in the Presidents seat.

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Situationally, Mexicans hate robo-calls as much as U.S. citizens do. They just don’t have a do-not-call database to my knowledge, so they just hang up when they find out it’s spam.

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Time to wear the foil, but I think it’s entirely plausible that it’s some American oligarch funding these robocalls.


Mexican guy here.
Right now, there are robocalls / SMS in the middle of the night supposedly from the campaign of AMLO, saying things like: “Vote from AMLO we are going to allow /” Insert controversial topic here/" " They call several times for days trying to make people angry against AMLO. There is in fact a Do Not Call list (REPEP) but it is useless. Those lists are for sale on the cheap so, if you get your number there, you will get more calls. There is no real punishment for calling. Of course there is international pressure ($$$) against AMLO, as he seems to have a very progressive agenda. But the biggest player in this, is the present government. Mexico´s president has been accused several times of corruption. But (surprising no one) he has found himself not guilty of anything. The amount of money the government is using to pay for Robocalls, internet bots, fake interviews and notes in TV and Newspapers, etc. is astounding. They are trying to cover their asses, either hiding in other countries, trying to become senators or appointing(?) friends or family as Judges or gutting the anticorruption agency (ASF). And do not get me started on the politicians - narcos ties… Time to drink a coffee and watch some cat videos to cheer up.


Putin again? I mean, he’s on a roll, so why not? Got to keep the troops busy, no? Any interesting action on Mexican Facebook or similar?

Given history of Mexican elections, if that’s the worst thing that happens then AMLO may win. I doubt this is the worst thing that will happen though.

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My goodness, it’s just like El Norte down there!

Welcome. To. Boingboing.

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We just call it Facebook down here. Back in 04 it was called El Facebook.

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