Mexican jumping beans create bomb scare

Well what are the chances that a few weeks ago I searched the internet for Mexican jumping beans. Really I did !!! I somehow stifled the urge to actually buy some, due to laziness and the realization that they would be cool for about two minutes, just like when I was a kid, but I still searched for them. It dawned on me while reading this that I am now on some list somewhere as a suspected terrorist, and I will find out next time I try to fly.


I looked that guy up to see who he was because I swore I’ve seen him doing commercials, and that’s basically what he does for a living. His little scene in Fight Club will live forever.

This clearly would never have happened if we had Secured Our Borders and kept the illegal immigrant jumping beans out! Thanks Obama!


There’s an even greater threat just south of the border.


And I thought it was bad when a Canadian quarter created a stir at the Pentagon.


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