Mexico: capture of Zetas boss may lead to uptick in narcoviolence

At InSight Crime, a blog that follows organized crime in the Americas, an analysis of the news that Zetas cartel leader Miguel Treviño has been captured by authorities. The short version: expect more violence in the near term. READ THE REST

Basically, there’s going to be a lot of cartel on cartel violence and internal conflicts as a result of this sudden power vacuum and everybody trying to grab what they can?

These are Zetas. They kidnap random people off the streets and make them fight to the death for kicks. They not only don’t mind involving random people, they outright revel in it.

What’s astonishing here, is that Zeta doesn’t recruit psychopaths, it manufactures them, an organization that cultivates what’s worst in men and even as it hemorrhages cannon fodder, keeps on growing as a cancer does, on society, with capitalism and nihilism as the only ideological “principles”.
The majority of Mexico still hopes this is an insane wildfire that will burn itself out. How can it not?
But for starters, legalize it, goddammit!

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