Miami Airport is shutting down a 15-gate terminal that includes United over the weekend because of shutdown

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MIA spells Hell on a good day. Good luck travelers.


Mitch McConnell burying his head in the sand

I mean, he is a turtle. It’s in his instincts to burrow


I was going to say he’s burying his head somewhere else entirely…


The most messed up part of this is that airports are the border where actual terrorists come into America, not the Mexico land border. He’s actually making us less safe.


Some airports use private contractors (under the supervision of TSA) instead of TSA employees.

Seems effective in cases of sudden government shutdown.

From his POV the best thing that could happen for him is an actual terrorist attack. He’s already proven he’s willing to commit treason after all. I’m sure if he were privately asked about it he’d say something along the lines of “serves them right for not building my wall and paying for it for me…” because that’s the kind of “president” we have.


Prez Trump; “If the Democracts loved our country as much as I do, they would of done the right thing in the first place and put up that wall”

Press, “Mr.President, the terrorist attack originated from Saskatchewan Canada not Mexico”

Prez Trump, “Thank you fake news Lib Media. This press conference is over”


In an appalling and plausible comment I saw somewhere it was suggested that he is waiting for 22 days so he can have the BIGGEST shut down.


How about we all give the shortest rope…

“The loss of officers, while we’re already shorthanded, will create a massive security risk for American travelers since we don’t have enough trainees in the pipeline or the ability to process new hires,” says Thomas.

Yup, we won’t be able to catch all of the bad things and people we already don’t catch!!!

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Seems effective in cases of a functioning government. The TSA is worse than useless. Get rid of it.

As if MIA wasn’t already a terrible airport.

In the Real World that is true. But in Fox world, whatever they or Trump says is true in their parallel universe. B/c well-engineered ignorance and gullibility.

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Only because of talk about MIA, planes, & money…


I think trump has another mia video in mind.


insert “good” meme here

Maybe, just maybe when large corporations start losing some money, then the tiny handed orange shitgibbon will start to feel some heat, and be forced to act in a more responsible fashion.

Wow - I didn’t think it was possible, but Trump has actually made American airports worse.

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