Mice given an experimental gene therapy don't get fat, regardless of caloric intake


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As if I’m not already sweaty enough


I really hate these kinds of pieces, as my fat hiney bird waddles over to the stationary bike…


So this over-clocks your body?



The downside is that you spend 3 hours a day shitting.


So this would make global warming worse, because the billion or more ex-fat people would dump tons of waste heat into the atmosphere. Great.


aka, “quality me time”.


on the other hand there will be less medical waste when we don’t have so much obesity related complications.


So we’re gaining some time back too - sweet!


“expends calories as heat rather than storing them as fat”

Great. So constant hot flashes. And the guys get to have them too. Yippee!


I’ll have what he’s having


Of course if you do this, and then society collapses and calories aren’t so prevalent…



I don’t know. I like a little “meat” on my mice’s bones.


I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen the success of Lane Bryant linked to the Apocalypse.


Me, too. They always make me wonder about the age of the mice, whether or not they experimented on males and females, etc.


Me at a buffet:



The problem with this is that you can’t knock out a gene in an adult animal. It involves manipulating egg nuclei, and usually takes a couple of generations for the process the finish. So it’s not really a treatment as such. Also won’t these mice get really hot?


This is definitely a step on the way to destroy the Earth. Agriculture is already a major environmental problem, and having people able to eat even more will just make it worse.

If scientists wanted to be useful, they could research ways to make us not want to eat more than we actually need.


that’s not how global warming works