Mice given an experimental gene therapy don't get fat, regardless of caloric intake

I’d take my chances for me personally, but editing the germ line could be pretty iffy.


Here’s the thing. I already know someone whose body does this kind of thing. I wouldn’t want to trade my “packs on the pounds easy” body for hers, ever.

It’s the kind of thing that sounds great until you have to live with it. It’s one thing to eat past the point of feeling full, sometimes. But having to eat like Thanksgiving or Christmas every single day, just so you don’t starve to death isn’t fun. Eating becomes less something enjoyable and more a constant hunt for calories. There are a host of other problems that come with it, too.

I may need to lose weight, but this would be a hard pass for me.


I’m not a scientist, though I do hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Pseudo-science from Star Fleet Academy, but, couldn’t the effects of the gene be temporarily suppressed by some sort of pill?

Also, I guess that body shaming would go from being based on the target’s BMI to their thermal output?


High Fructose Corn Syrup could become the new miracle food. :smiley:

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Now we’re almost as good at curing obesity in mice as we are at curing cancer in mice!


The little bastards will outlive us all!

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But imagine the savings on heating and winter clothing! Nude skiing, anyone? /s


Gross your way to hot

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Not really how global warming works. But if they’re having to ingest substantially more meat as a high calorie food source, and for a drastically longer lifespan because it has no ill effects, then yes, that’s a problem. The only good thing about unhealthy people (planet-wise, at least) is that they kill themselves faster with their awful health habits.

Any human who has this “therapy” will be so busy eating and shitting that they’ll have to line the floor with cedar shavings and adopt a diet of high-cal food pellets…


Will I get one of those bottles you lick for water too?


In for a penny, in for a pound!


But they’ve spent so much time helping the meat and dairy industries devise ways to make us want to eat more…

In all seriousness, we probably don’t need a gene replaced to keep at a healthy weight. As others noticed, there are side effects to this, and being unable to store fat while eating endlessly does not mean that nutritional needs are getting met and life gets better. You’ll be thinner, yes, but still feel sluggish, have bad skin and hair, get sick easier, physically perform less optimally, and be depressed.

Diet is easier. For me, it took going high carb, high fiber, low fat. Most Asians and Africans eat this way, and they stay thin even though most are physically as lazy as we are.

I always take a thermal scope to the club

I’ve found cutting back on sugar and refraining from overeating have kept me trim. I used to chug orange juice like crazy until I learned that it’s nutritionally only marginally better than Coke. When I stopped, the pounds melted away.

Not overeating is surprisingly easy. It can be hard to back off at first, but once you get into the habit of eating to satiety and no more, it becomes difficult-to-unbearable to overeat. At least for me. I don’t avoid or favour any particular item or food group, except alcohol (minimize), sugar (minimize, especially in liquid form) and artificial sweeteners (avoid as if plague).

Remember: WE are THEIR experiment.



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