Michael Bay walks out of Samsung press conference


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darn~i wass hopin to heer (MichelBey talk bout essploxions


Curved televisions may have that effect on people. So revolutionary!

(Also any video of this? would like to watch, on my curved monitor.)


The way that was typed out it made him sound drunk, which may not be too far from the truth.


I’m more disappointed to find out he can leave a room without it exploding. None of his characters would ever do something like that.


Sounds like the performance was about as good as what he gets out of his actors. zing


Seriously how much money do you fucking need? Why do this? Like why even go through the hassle of flying there and having to even get out of bed. What the hell deal did Samsung make with him to get him to do this, did they offer to build him a studio or something? I just can’t imagine why anyone with his amount of money and unending profit stream would do this at all.


Video added! And … video.


AUDIENCE: applauds



Way to go Clutch!

Because they got dirt on him. They know he really wants to direct small dramatic projects with tight scripts and passionate, realistic acting. If this gets out, his career is kaput.


Well, duh. Michael Bay probably won’t even get out of bed without his usual, little pick-me-up consisting of 3-4 pints of vodka and a cookie jar full of cocaine.

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I imagine the inner dialogue must have sounded like this:

This script makes me sound like a drunken rambler.
Abort! ABORT!
N-n-no. Wait. I can’t just walk out.
I’ll wing it. Yeah.
I got this.
Oh wait.
I forgot I normally sound like a drunken rambler.
That’s why I need a script!
Abort! ABORT!


This seems like the most newsworthy thing out of CES in…4 years? More?

And it’s not very newsworthy.

(not knocking the inclusion of the post, it is entertaining am glad to be linked to it, but that a flub from the hollywood set is more interesting that years worth of ‘industry announcements’ to me is a commentary on CES as an endeavor.)


He sounds confused and it looks like he was about to faint … it happens

As a prompter operator, what happened today represents an absolute, worst-case scenario playing out. According to his blog post: “I skipped over the Exec VP’s intro line and then the teleprompter got lost.”

Normally when someone goes completely off the rails like that I just stop. If nothing else, I try to find a good point for them to pick back up again, but that’s not always possible. Sometimes they’ve gone so far that you can’t find them again.

This situation is a wonderful example of why the talent should show up to the rehearsal, and why rehearsals are such a critical aspect of live shows. Dialogs between people onstage like this aren’t common when using a prompter, for exactly this reason. People will screw up and read the wrong person’s line, or ad-lib, and it messes both people up. I try to color-code each person’s lines if I can but again, not always possible.

I can handle ad-libs. I can handle changing up a turn of phrase or riffing around with the script. But if you go way outside of it, you can’t expect me to keep up with you.


I think the failings lie not in the prowess of the prompter operator, but in the failings of the orator.

There are millions of people who do public speaking for a living in the areas of health education, domestic abuse, and fire prevention (to name just a few) that could ad-lib 1000x better than this - people who will never in their lifetime match the annual salary of Michael Bay.


Nah it’s an example of you should hire people who actually give a shit and know something about your product as “talent.” He was pretending he was speaking from his own experience and knowledge of the product. It was clear he didn’t even know one talking point to uter about the product. The got caught in their own expensive bullshit, don’t try to blame Bay for not giving a shit and just showing up for a payday.

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we have been fed crap for years and years. I need a movie that will move me. These “hollywood” assjerks remake and degenerate the greats and claim to be movie producers … they are the worst hacks with technology money can buy.

That was way more entertaining than Pearl Harbor.