Mick Jagger calls the kettle black



I wonder if this is a nod to George Harrison.

Regardless, this is a fun promo piece. Kudos to Mick Jagger for being willing to poke fun at himself.


It was probably a nod to both Brian Jones (former member of the Rolling Stones, died 1969) and Graham Chapman (former member of Monty Python, died 1989).


I would love to see Mick and Keith cover the Dead Parrot sketch.


Charlie Watts being Teller to Mick’s Penn. Awesome.


The analogy was between Graham Chapman for Python and Brian Jones for the Stones, I’m sure. A very touchy sort of joke to make. It made me wince a little, but then again I knew neither person and those making the joke were close to the respective–and respected–deceased, so I reckon it’s all good.


From what I know of Graham Chapman he’d have been very disappointed if the rest of the Python gang didn’t mine his death for the comic value.


For example, John Cleese’s eulogy for Graham:


It is good to see Mick Jagger breathing and moving and saying things.


I don’t think there’s a human being alive that doesn’t appreciate it when someone willingly makes fun of themselves. Paradoxically, it only increases their stature in our eyes.

Given that we all know this to be true, why aren’t we running around deliberately making fools of ourselves, instead of constantly doing it without even trying, and then fruitlessly attempting to cover it up?

Seems like a lot of pointless, wasted effort to me…


I honestly didn’t see him until the closeup. It made me jump. Till then I thought he was a cushion.


Good to know that no matter how old and rich you are, you can still get motivated by the simple things in life… like great big piles of hard cash.

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They are calling the show “One Down, Five to go” so there’s that.


Agreed. Ever since Jagger and Richards refused to lift a finger in support of The Verve during their lawsuit with Allen Klein over “Bittersweet Symphony” I have assumed nothing but the worst of the Rolling Stones. They weren’t the litigants, I know. Irrelevant wet blanket, I know.

And I’m sure that’s his real hair colour.

You corrected that without being a dick. Don’t you know internet protocol dictates that a degree of smug superiority is mandated whenever you know something someone else does not (2x if you just think you know something).

Most people are probably aware that it only works if you excel at something, otherwise your a total schlemeil and not some cool self-aware person.

I see what you did there.

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A cushion against ego-inflation. He is.

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