Micro documentary about VHS video horror art

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Oh man, does this bring back some rich memories. All those melt movies. All those toxic mutated monsters. Box after box of sickos holding some sort of edged weapon, with a gleam in their eye to match. Need I even allude to the holiday-themed horror movies?


I used to dig through the shelves… good times.
I’d bring home anything that I thought looked like it might hold promise.
And then go back the next day for more…

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i would visit the hollywood video “cult” section on a regular basis. good times. on a whim i would enjoy viewings of a lot of films i would have never heard of (at the time). i was fortunate enough to take my daughter to blockbuster a few times right before they closed all of their stores. i don’t think she remembers but i can recall the overwhelming look on her face when she was confronted with hundreds of movie choices.


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