Microsoft gives classic Skype a stay of execution after user complaints


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Microsoft is listening to its users.

I wouldn’t hold my breath over that


Well, technically, given Windows 10 telemetry…


Totally, they’re watching us veeery closely


I hopped onto the Telegram train a few years back when the Linux version of Skype was laughably bad (plain text chat and pics could only be sent as downloadable files). Still no regrets :B


From what I understand is Skype is slated for retirement. I have no clue what the replacement will be though.


Likely just a rebrand slapped on top of an existing product, slightly jazzed up to make people forget about Skype. It’s not really going away because Skype is used quite a bit for business.


If the rumor mill is right Teams is going to be the replacement. So the worst of Skype and Slack smashed into one.


Oh dear Lord, no.


Google voice is all about forwarding calls.


Speaking of rebrands slapped on top of existing products, the Skype used for business (or at least the one they want you to use; and so will likely continue turning the screws on) is still mostly Lync, wearing the suit of flayed Skype branding but not too closely related to it.

You can turn interaction with actual Skype users on or off amidst the tenant settings; but it’s through an intermediary rather than direct protocol compatibility.


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