Microsoft renames SkyDrive in Trademark dispute


All those marketing dollars getting Skydrive mentioned on NCIS: Los Angeles, a show well-known for computer accuracy, down the drain.

This is much worse than the Metro thing. SkyDrive branding is everywhere in Win 8.x, MS apps, and WinPhone as part of their big push to integrate it into everything. They’re going to have to change all those now. And they spent a lot more money promoting SkyDrive than they ever spent promoting Metro.

For those wondering, the new name is OneDrive. Hey, that would have been a really good tidbit to include in this article!

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Just received an email from Microsoft mentioning the name change in passing while telling me they’re giving me 20GB of additional space for free. I’m going to guess the two events aren’t coincidental.

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I’ll be interested in seeing how Canonical responds to this, seeing how Ubuntu One is an existing cloud storage service…


Is this from a sequel to Pacific Rim?

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