Microwaved glowstick experiment goes awry


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“God Dammit JacK!”

And then the trip to the ER…


Glow stick stuff in the eyes really hurts according to one of my kiddos.

Her exposure was just from getting it on her hands then touching her face a few minutes later.

Google autocomplete knew exactly what I was looking for when I started typing “glow stick liquid”.


After a few moments of dad trying to figure out what to do, and patronizing his idiot, the whimpering made me turn it off.



You wonder why there aren’t more of them out there!

True, but you have to admit that the dyspeptic-sounding father takes this one to a level of greatness that few others could achieve.

I love that this is a thing: not “glow stick liquid chemical properties” or “glow stick liquid how does it work” but “glow stick liquid in eyes”. U-S-A! U-S-A!



The fool.

Nothing good ever comes out of a microwave.



I would probably venture that the act of producing such videos reduces the population of those who would produce such videos.


Yup. I’m not going to demand a trigger warning here, but the way his dad was talking brought back way too many abusive childhood memories for me to comfortably tolerate for 4+ minutes.

What the kid did was definitely a bad idea, and it’s completely justified for a parent to tell their kid how dangerous and stupid what they did was, and how they could have been seriously hurt, etc. but that’s not what I heard in his dad’s voice. What I heard was contempt and a taken opportunity to express it.


Why does it sound like he seen him make this same mistake before?


“Remember kids to engage your safety squints!”


Hehe the resignation in the Dads voice … sounds like it isn’t the first time something like that happened.


“Outrageous Acts of Science” :slight_smile:

Was thinking about getting rid of cable and picking up Hulu Live w/ the two add-ons and the extra $4 to get the commercial free Hulu Plus stuff, which would be a huge savings for me ($64 vs $200), but I’ll have to say goodbye to The Science Channel. :disappointed:


I don’t even have abusive childhood memories, but I couldn’t watch to the end. I hope the kid recovered okay from the accident, but it will be harder for him to recover from a lifetime of bullying by that useless waste of space he has for a father.


I think you’re being too hard on the Dad. He told the kid not to microwave it and then the kid goes ahead and does it anyway. If the dad is a useless waste of space, then perhaps the kid is doomed as well.


I’m willing to entertain the assumption that the horse apple didn’t fall far from the horse.


As a dad this bugged me. I know of other fathers that talk to their kids this way and it always pisses me off.

In addition, telling a kid not to be curious about something is counterproductive. Teach them to be curious safely, that way when things go wrong they don’t get hurt. If there is one thing my kid knows it’s too always wear eye protection.


Also there is glass in there on top of the now very hot chemicals that probably shouldn’t be in your eyes.

Also vertical video … there is so much cringe here.


That may have been the sound of a father realizing he has failed to raise a son who will survive stand-alone. That wasn’t his first bad-judgment-with-household-chemicals rodeo.