MIDI pioneer Dave Smith dead at 72

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Really? Not a single comment? I think the guy deserves at least one comment. I once used my Roland guitar synth to borrow sounds from an Edirol sound module. This would not have been possible without MIDI. Even if you aren’t a musician and have never dabbled in MIDI, chances are, you’ve benefited from this guy’s very early insight into the advantages of interoperability. RIP.


He literally changed the face of music. So many musical innovations of the past 40 years simply would not have been possible without the technology he helped create. It’s hard to overstate the importance of MIDI as a technology and all the ways it was extended to do amazing things.


Once again someone who shaped my life in immeasurable ways (and wish I read up on more prior to this) has passed. What a crap way to start the day!


Not only did he do all of those things, but he was quite a nice and down-to-earth guy. I didn’t ever get to chat with him, but met him briefly and worked with people who knew him well. I’m always pleasantly surprised when folks with an amazing resume are also genuine and human.


He was in the RIP thread and another one the other day so perhaps people had commented already and not seen this?

Geezer anyway.

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That is really nice to know. Thank you for sharing!

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