Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have returned, more powerful, or at least older, than ever (first trailer)

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I was too old to understand the Power Rangers first time around*; but I’ll give this a go.

*I saw some of the old series on a TV in a waiting room, and I thought it was a trailer for an upcoming show. Only after about 10 minutes, did I realize I was watching the actual show. :older_man: I do like the story behind the show; with the Frankensteining of Tokusatsu in to new stories.

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I remember my kids watching the first TV show and later hearing about all the issues David Yost had. Glad to see that he feels far enough past this to get involved with the franchise again.


I would only be interested if it has Bulk and Skull. And their theme song.


I was too old for MMPR to be a “thing” for me, but I am happy for the nerds that relate to this!


I was also a bit too old by the time it came out, but one of the anime magazines I was reading at the time did extensive articles on the Super Sentai shows that Saban mined for effects footage. So seeing “Bandora protocol” on a screen made me laugh - that’s the original name for Rita in Zyuranger.


I was too old but my 8 year old daughter was just right. She was hooked and then I had to take her to movies and live shows.

Lamb Chop, Carmen Sandiego, and those silly turtles, I got sucked into all of them.


Meanwhile the Mighty Morphine Power Rangers feel no pain.


So neither Austin St. John nor Amy Jo Johnson were available/interested? That’s too bad, though of course it’s impossible to have a full reunion due to Thuy Trang having died in an automobile accident in 2001, R.I.P. Amy Jo Johnson hasn’t really been involved in anything related to Power Rangers since she left the franchise so I’m not surprised they couldn’t get her (she had a brief cameo in the 2017 reboot film, but that’s it), but I’m a little surprised Austin St. John wasn’t approached or interested, since he had a guest star appearance in a Power Rangers Beast Morphers episode in 2020.

And also R.I.P. to Jason David Frank. If he were around he’d have been all over this thing, he’s returned to have guest appearances in Power Rangers numerous times throughout the years. Both him and Austin St. John were in the Forever Red episode of Wild Force, but of course that was 20 years ago…

And as others have mentioned, it’s interesting to see David Yost back, as he’s talked about how he didn’t have a very good experience in the original run due to homophobia from the cast/crew on the set. Possibly he’s back specifically because some of the others aren’t (i.e. Austin St. John and/or Jason David Frank)? I don’t know that David Yost has ever pointed fingers or named names about who specifically treated him badly though, so that could just be wild supposition.

Austin St. John is busy with other projects Power Rangers Star Austin St. John Arrested on Suspicision of Fraud – The Hollywood Reporter

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