Remember that gritty Power Rangers reboot?

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they might have failed in the sates, but the Super Sentai franchise is alive and well in Japan and has never stopped coming out with new shows.

Power Rangers is still a thing, if you follow TMZ. Divorces, arrests, beatings, OD’s.

I’ll only support any gritty reboot from this point forward if it is a reboot in which the main characters are replaced by Gritty.


I watched this fairly recently. It wasn’t terrible. There were many bad choices, of course, but it wasn’t unwatchable. But the worst thing it did was not allow the Power Rangers to actually be Power Rangers.

I like the gritty 2015 short film. It’s especially nice that it’s over in 15 minutes and then you can get on with your day. Plus, Katee Sackhoff!

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