Mike Bloomberg created 'Hawkfish' tech firm working on his 2020 campaign, ex-Facebook CMO and ex-Foursquare CEO on board

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I don’t find this to be sinistar in general. Maybe the FB and Foursquare guys move it that direction.

But it is not like this is a new thing in Democracy campaign circles. There are a number of different marketing middleware tools or agencies that spun off of the Obama and Howard Dean Campaigns. Optimizely, Blue State Digital, and NGP VAN all started out as internal campaign tools that were spun off.

“Hawkfish” sounds like one of those NSA spy programs.


I guess all the Lord of the Rings related names were already taken?

That’s an octo-gle. Easily mistaken for its cousin the hawkfish.

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I don’t think it’s sinister. It’s just sleazy.

He owns the company that will be receiving fees to advertise for his campaign.

So he can solicit donations “for campaign expenses” and end up enriching himself.


I welcome this obvious display of power: I don’t have grassroots support, I don’t have a specific policy to address the biggest challenges facing the US; what I do have is massive amounts of money!


exactly - instead of spending on tech consultants for his campaign, he starts a tech consultancy so he can effectively transfer campaign money back to himself. The likely outcome will be profits are turned back to the campaign, but still swarmy. Its the same thing as trump traveling on his own airline for campaign travel and putting up at his own hotels to turn campaign expenses into profits.

Its the latest, all the billionaire candidates are doing it.


He has no grassroots to make phone calls so is using prison labor! https://t.co/1rR7jH8yQA

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