To understand the Trump campaign, study real-estate developer hustle


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I’m still in sheer awe at his chutzpah. Doesn’t mean I respect him to any greater degree, but, damn.

I do have to wonder, given his, well, shall we call it “lack of filter”, wonder how much of the hustles he’s shown over the course of the campaign are thought versus trained reflex.


This is tangential, but I for one cannot read a twitter rant. If you have multiple sentences to say, please put them in a paragraph in one place. Thanks.


Ha! I thought it was me! “I’m so angry right now!!! I will proceed to tell you why in awkwardly constructed 140 character chunks.”


Trumpism boils down to “fuck-over anyone at anytime, and anywhere”.

Got it.


Abaitha Swelter cant read words unless in bigly paras. Sad! Heard is Syrian “refugee”. As prez, FBI will investigate! #MAKEAMERICAGRATAGAIN” ~ Donald Trump’s Twitter


Trump is a good businessman, by the standards being taught these days in business school. Which is to say, he knows how to walk away from the smoldering wreckage he’s created with a pocket full of cash.


I am going to start my own social media platform with a three-paragraph minimum post requirement, including a fully-formed thesis and conclusion. No photos or videos will be allowed, but citation links will be recommended. A filter will be provided for critical theory jargon.


Neat. A social media site without people. You can call the platform “Irony”.*


  • Irony®, the social media website where you’re already banned.


I heard tell of a promised land


One also has to create the illusion that one is invested in the scam.



Not much of a “claim to fame”, But tRump is the perfect example of how the GOP promotes ignorance as a virtue. That is how they produce a coalition of religious zealots and the economically illiterate.



Interestingly enough Hollywood blockbuster production works on the same premise. Studios are not likely to pull the plug on a runaway production if enough money is sunk into it. A lot of it driven by personality based chutzpah. How else could you possibly explain “Gods of Egypt”?


Oh, that’ll never work for me.


He really is the candidate that they’ve created. (Which is why I don’t think the party are recoiling from him because he’s a monster they’ve created, but more out of jealousy of his effortless demagoguery and failure to sufficiently toe the party line on economic policy.)


Roger That!


Hollywood is really good at salvaging something out of failed productions, though. They have a lot of mechanisms to make money off a film, even if it’s not theatrically released. Plus, I imagine there are some good tax dodges involved.
The game industry is the opposite - it’s not uncommon for a game to be “cancelled” even after it’s been completed, just to avoid throwing good money after bad on the publishing/marketing costs.


Typically the foreign box office is capable of saving a flop in the US if the movie is of a genre which translates well abroad (physical comedy, SF, Horror, Action, has tons of nudity…)

Though an interesting exception is Heavens Gate. The western snoozefest/byword for expensive flop of 1980 got a second life by the release of a tortuously longer “Director’s Cut”. Which managed to greatly appeal to the pretentious film buff crowd garnering it respect and sales which was denied it decades earlier.