Mike Pompeo subpoenaed for Ukraine documents by 3 House panels

No, because you made it clear you weren’t speaking about @knoxblox.

Your original post could be read either way.


No harm done, though it did make me raise my eyebrows… :confused:

Pompeo has long been a lap dog for the Koch Brothers, the worst thing to ever come out of Wichita, though predatory lenders like Rent-a-Center run a close second.


I was just wondering: “What did the Vice President know, & when did he know it?”


you’re left with a sludge of rotting matter.

and a dead ecosystem, vulnerability to hurricanes, and fewer migratory birds.

Excellent compost, though!

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I would never say anything like that to you, my brother, nor to anyone else here. This is a unique collection of rational people, and you are one of the best.

Sometimes my anger at what these anuses are doing to the country overflows into hyperbole. Sorry if I gave you a fright.


I apologize for the confusion I caused you.

I absolutely hate what these people are doing to the country, and Pompeo seems so gleeful in practicing his evil that it just drives me round the bend.

This may be the most rational group of people I’ve seen on the internet. I value this quite highly.


You should come along to my high school reunions. We have predatory lenders, Koch Bros. toadies, the entire gamut. I’m so busy biting my tongue, it’s soft as a chamois by the end of the evening.

Side note: My nephew lives and works in DC, supporting the DSA and labor unions, and I just don’t see how he has the stamina to deal with it day in, day out.


Not literally saying, “do this for me or else” doesn’t make you any less guilty. The intent is what’s important. While impeachment proceedings aren’t a court of law and the standards of conduct are murky (which is exactly what you’d want for such an event) I can’t imagine the most basic standards of mens rea wouldn’t apply.


Listen, man, I’m really sorry about that misunderstanding above. For a minute there, I thought you could read my mind. The Internets don’t have that yet.

I hear you about being stuck in a hostile milieu. My entire family are militant Orangistas, even my 91 year old mother. It can be, well, disheartening, to say the least.


Please excuse me for getting out over my skis.

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It’s going to be delicious when President Trump is the first to ask that publicly. He seems like the type to throw his closest allies to the wolves.


If throwing Pence under the bus buys him a little distraction, he won’t hesitate. It’s Donald first, always.


It’s unlikely Trump will be able to get rid of Pence, but if he can, it would be incredibly valuable to him.

He can simply fail to appoint another vice president. With that office vacant, Nancy Pelosi is next in line for the presidency. And if Nancy Pelosi is next in line for the presidency, Senate Republicans will never ever ever ever ever vote to convict Trump for anything, no matter what he does.

I really can’t see him getting rid of Pence. As the VP, he can’t be fired or otherwise removed short of an impeachment, and as much of a dumbass as Pence is, I don’t think there’s any way for Trump to bribe or cajol or bully into quitting, when there is a genuine (if low) possibility of him becoming President Pence.

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During a press conference, Trump said that if he is going to be investigated, Vice President Pence’s phone calls with Ukraine should also be investigated.

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Thanks for the confirmation. I used to read Politicus, but they have put themselves behind a pay wall that I just can’t justify. So another thing I can’t get to on the internet.

ah, I didn’t notice. I’m one of those free loaders that runs a lot of scripts to scrub the ads and ad-blocker-blockers off (so an ad-blocker-blocker-blocker?)

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I have an ad blocker, but didn’t know there was a way to scrub the access counters. I usually go looking for the site’s cookies and delete them to buy me a few more freebies, but sometimes I get lazy and just say screw it.

It’s not that they don’t deserve to get paid for their work. They do. I just can’t get too deep into the “only $5 for this site, and only $3 for this other site, etc” game, like they are trying to make streaming TV into.

Gotta draw the line somewhere. Is there a tutorial someplace about those scripts you mentioned, geared to less-than-competent Mac users?

The image is practically pre-Beschizzaed!



After 8-10 subscriptions it starts cutting into the monthly liquor budget and we can’t have that. :wink: