Mike Smith's The Last Praetorian, free for Kindle


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Is his name Rory?


No, this is not one of the worst Dr. Who story arcs ever.


This sounds intriguing… But I dunno. I’ve been burned pretty bad by “free Kindle e-book that’s the first novel of a new writer” before.


That is a borderline Kindle Cover Disasters submission.


The Last Praetorian is also available for free in multiple formats at Smashwords ( http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/250928 ).This option may be of particular interest to non-U.S. readers, some of whom may find themselves barred from buying this Kindle book on amazon.com.


Out of curiosity, which non-US readers are barred from buying amazon.com Kindle books? I’ve been buying amazon.com Kindle books for my Kindle for years, and I’m in Canada.


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