Mildly amusing early take on Breaking Bad

I happened to come across this forum thread started in the earliest days of Breaking Bad- posted 1-15-08. It’s kind of funny in hindsight to see how people were talking about it:

  • unfortunately they only have 7 of the 9 episodes ready to air so there probably won’t be an ending
  • sounds exactly like weeds
  • this show sounds like a saturday night live skit written during the week mary louise parker hosted
  • its watchable, but i dont find myself reccomending it to people
    still, im with it til the end at this point

110 pages later, they were having a more informed discussion.

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  • the wife and retarded son kind of annoy though… my only issue so far.

8/10/09. it begins.

I need to go back and watch that first episode again.

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