Mildly-concerning vintage Christmas meals

Using fiddler on the roof while talking treyf is a big move, I’ll give you that. :rofl:

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I’m interested 'cause clam juice adds a certain something to a Bloody Caesar. I can’t drink a Bloody Mary, too tomato-y for me, but the addition of clam juice in the Clamato changes everything.

Now I have to figure out how to get clam juice. Fractionally distillate a jug of Clamato? I can get clams, but do I just squeeze them like a lemon? Shells on or off?

Also, TIL you can just drag & drop a picture of Al Bundy directly into this reply composer thingy. That’s handy.

Oh dear–I did not mean to offend!

Pork is very treyf and I am sorry.

I was looking for something with the word “tradition” offered from the gif button here.

I may just amend my post…

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Clam juice can be found at many grocery stores, usually near the other canned fish products.

Not offended, it’s just, you know, kinda funny.

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