Millennials are cheap because they're broke

Assam, with a tiny bit of raw sugar and milk.

And speaking of “broke”, I bought it with change I was surprised to find in my winter clothes.

The person in question prefers no gender designation.

My favorite ‘tea’. I make it with cocoa and a touch of butter.

I also found a fiver in an old coat and may have done a little dance :slight_smile:


Your “Kerfuffles” are giving me “Schadenfreude”.

You’re demonstrating how microeconomic decisions affect macroeconomics. But “I won at the casino last night” doesn’t invalidate the fact that in the long run the casino always wins.
My house has increased in price quite a lot since I bought it at the bottom of the slump. But I treat it as somewhere to live, not a casino counter. If its value halved, it would make no difference to me financially. I have to live somewhere…

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I live here. The main house is my primary residence and the other place is rented out. Unless rents in the Bay Area drop dramatically (ha ha ha), even with rent control, I break even on the rental. Maybe it isn’t worth a lot when I have it paid off in 28 years but I’m planning longterm to hope that I have some sort of retirement when I’m 65 in 21 years. In about 11 years, I’ll own the house I reside in outright. That is my main goal.

(I just saw your edit which is why I’m responding separately here.)

Or maybe realize that pearls come in different sizes, shapes and colors?

Irony needn’t be deliberate. It’s ironic, for instance, that Trumpadump tells others that if they just pull harder on their bootstraps like he did, they’d be tycoons too. He may well not see the irony, let alone mean to deploy irony, in the fact that his wealthy father gave him a million-dollar “loan” to start out with. The irony is there, whether he meant it or not. (I actually hope he did mean it, and that his entire clown-suit is an ironic performance, but as time goes by I keep discounting the validity of that hope.)

ETA: I’m now wondering if you deleted the posts in question because you agree with what I wrote here? Anyway, about those millenials who are cheap because they’re broke…


######My hope is Trumpadump is actually Andy Kaufman and he will jump out of his suit soon and yell, “Gotcha!!”


Have a nice day!

Is that what we were discussing?

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I think so. Wait, is this the thread on San Francisco real estate?




Yes, you are right. I had not thought properly about the original Greek meaning which is as you describe. When Euripides uses irony he is aware of what he is doing but the character into whose mouth he puts it, is not.
So, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, I was confidently and embarrassingly wrong. And will now crawl back under my rock.


Meh, stay up here with the other “happy mutants,” sez I. Imperfection is like, our badge of honor here!


Personally I just consider us all honey badgers and anteaters. But I may be off my medication.


Whiteness has it’s privileges…


You’re being purposefully obtuse if you don’t know what’s going on right now and why black students (and some progressive whites) are pissed off.


There you go again, playing the Race Traitor card by actually LISTENING to black people. :slight_smile:


What’s the Race Traitor card going for on eBay today, mint condish? I mean it is Cyber Monday, so shouldn’t I… Uh… Cyber? (I am so directionless right now I should take a nap. I may need help :D)