Millionaire's Habit makes $6250 per day!

Which is better than doubling your money every year.

What is all this rubbish on the net, and how come sites like CNN are infected with it too?!?!

paid.outbrain and the like


15 celebrities that you forgot committed horrible crimes:

That’s more than many Americans make in a a half a year. WTF.

Also, is there supposed to be a link?

I didn’t include a link because … my internetz is sodden with this sewage. Cookies clean etc!

Choose any pathway - - and see the “promoted stories” section at the bottom.

I honestly am flabbergasted that this is what bandwidth is used for!


Richard Branson says the way to become a millionaire is to start a billionaire and then buy an airline.


Branson gets on my last nerve… am I the only one?


Oh, I see. And BB is now doing these “promoted stories” section at the bottom of their pages. I hate them too, but I’ve gotten so used to them, that I tend to ignore them. what does that say about me?


I suppose the outcome was obvious. Printing press yet again a useful allegory. It will always eventually lead to the National Enquirer. With added boobies.

I must be blocking correctly.


I think that’s partial true. After all, alternatives to this does exist, in more independent types of media (zines, magazines, etc). They just aren’t the mainstream media, and those seeking to be mainstream tend to engage in this stuff. But then again, what are the alternative funding streams? There is the member mode - with donation drives, etc. Or finding advertising that isn’t like this, I guess?

I’m not underplaying this gross stuff, just wondering aloud about alternatives to it. I think many orgs go this route because it is the path of least resistance. it’s easy to get funding that way, easier than asking people to donate, or to build up networks of ethical advertisers.

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Arg! This bothers me every day!

If most media is independent, doesn’t that mean that independent is the “mainstream”? The stuff people tell me is mainstream always tends to be made and distributed by a minority. It seems as if the masses are suckered into believing that their own aren’t the voice that matters.


Well, rather than argue about the meaning of this word (which I’ll admit I’m using it in a lazy fashion with the expectation that everyone knows what I mean), I’ll just say I mean it’s a short hand for corporate controlled, status-quo reinforcing media outlets (like CNN, Fox, etc). And yes, they/we are indeed suckered into believing their voices don’t matter, but also the opposite is true - they/we are suckered into believing that their voices are being heard, when they are not. The role the mass media plays in creating the modern system we live in is complicated and contentious. Figuring out what the “authentic voice of the people” as broadcast by these media outlets is hard to parse, but then again, plenty of outlets that claim to be grassroots are not actually such. And the fact that much of our understanding of the world that we don’t directly observe is fed through mass media doesn’t help matters.


No. You have company. His smiley simpering and deliberate “I’m an everyman!” schtick make my bile rise. Which is easily mistaken for jealousy at his riches. But I assure you, it’s the former not the latter.


I know someone who works for his Australian airline, and apparently he came to the Christmas party and was very friendly and approachable.

I’ve always thought he’s a creepy mofo, though, and isn’t he a bit gropey? I prefer Alan Sugar, and he’s a total tit.

And those stupid rich boy bought adventures with his boats and balloons that the media gushed over really annoyed me.

Which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t work for Virgin Galactic. :smile:


It would be ironic if he were to be eaten by those lemurs.

It says you’re still reading bb the hard way. RSS FTW!


He sure is. I like to watch Apprentice UK…Tit is a good word there, I think.

End quote

Fixed that for ya!

Ambivalent. I swing between hating him and wondering if he’s secretly clever.

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He can be clever AND a dick!