Millions of revelers in India defy fireworks ban, create toxic smog

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Somehow not reassuring to know we’re not the only country with such dangerously stupid assholes in government.


And Modi is just as much a racist asshole pushing supremacy narratives as trump is. Hindu-Muslim violence has increased massively during his time in power. It’s easy for Americans to see India as a place full of little brown peasants we can ignore, but we do so at our own peril. They are now having border disputes with China. Not likely to end well.


Getting off the plane in Delhi is like entering a garage where someone is trying to kill themselves with exhaust. Cannot imagine how bad it would be when the people used to that complain.


The not-at-all-subtext to Tarun Vijay’s tweet is that Hindus should be allowed to do whatever they want because they are the majority and India is a Hindu nation.


Rather than listen to the advice of their government’s officials and scientists, a good portion of a country did what they wanted, and justified it with religion and don’t-tell-me-what-I-can’t-do-ism.

Which is why we’ll see an even bigger surge than we’re seeing now a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving in the U.S.


Norman Rockwell’s famous painting, “The Super-spreader Event”

Is it just me, or is that Ben Shapiro by Grandad’s right elbow?


It was super hazy and smokey that night on July 4th.


Yes. Let’s make air quality worse while a global respitory pandemic races though our tightly-crowded celebratory streets. It’ll be interesting to watch what happens in 2 weeks (hospitilization) and 4 weeks (spike in deaths). :confused:

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The vast majority of human behavior does not come from our minds. Most of what we do is ritual, scripts, traditions. Recipes handed down from somebody else.

(Actual original thought is something we mostly notice in retrospect, when it has somehow been allowed to slightly edit one of those scripts.)

The way to make a fireworks ban function in India would have been to get the religious authorities on board, and have them give blessings to an alternative. Same with Covid protections.

This bizarre assumption that human beings are -first and formost- rational beings, is just a flimsy excuse for economic abuse. And that lie is just attractive enough to its victims that we’ll keep swallowing it -as long as there’s breath in our bodies.

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