Twitter blocks more than a hundred accounts, including journalists, to please government of India

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Good point. I’ll have to remember that. It’s so easy – too easy – to go along with their framing and how everyone is coming from a place of sincerity.


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I’ve long assumed that Libertarians like Musk see fascists like Modi as their natural allies. I’ll still call them out on their superficial hypocrisy regarding their loudly proclaied free speech absolutism but I don’t for a second believe that they come close to adhering to it.


“I just said I believe in free speech. I never said I believe in free speech for everyone.”


“Free speech! It’s the cornerstone of our website!”

“But not for you.”

“Or you.”

“Definitely not you.”

“Oh hell no.”

“You can fuck right off.”

“Ya basic. And gone.”


“As I said, we are the greatest free speech platform in the world!”





The Libertarian motto “All the freedom one can afford” of course the inverse is implied.


Quick! Somebody alert Matt Taibbi and Gym Jordan!!!


This isn’t cut and dried. The guy these people are boosting is a militant Sikh separatist (aka a Khalistani). Lots of weapons, attempted murder charges and assaults on communities of all kinds (including other Sikhs). There’s a manhunt in for him, and the orders are in connection with that.

I mean, we could argue about the powers under the IT Act, but these are basically wingnuts of the Punjabi kind - .315 rifles and double barrelled shotguns to boot. And considering the history of what Khalistani separatists have done in the past, all Indian governments react really strongly to them. Sometimes that’s an overreaction but it’s based on past experience.

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The gvt of India was able to exert enough pressure that the BBC opted against airing a 2-part documentary on Modi’s murderous rise to power, a film that the organization cleary spent considerable time & funds producing.

India is an extraordinarily dangerous theocratic fascist state.

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The documentary was broadcast in the UK. When people in India posted links to pirate uploads, the Indian government had their posts deleted.


India will cut off cell service to millions for the convenience of the police.


And yet the edgelord Libertarian owner of Twitter takes every opportunity to claim it is, and back up his claim by allowing violent American right-wingers to post on the platform.

Twitter can ban anyone it wants from the site, but it’s very selective of who it bans and at whose behest (all the while shrieking “free speech!”)


Honestly, they sound like the sort of people who’d fit right in with the rest of the right-wing nutcases on Twitter.

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I saw it on-line.

I understand it played on iPlayer, but the Guardian reported it was pulled from broadcast. That’s where I got my info.

It was on BBC Two.

Perhaps you’re confusing it with this:

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It was not allowed to be broadcast or shared in India, that’s probably what they’re referring to.


Yeah, under the Indian IT Act, if he doesn’t comply, said edgelord might be hit with a jail term. At the very least he’d be fined, and probably his bird site would get banned.

This is in the hands of local courts, not the Central level. It can lead to some weird stuff happening like the ban on VLC’s site…

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I was responding to this: