Mind-blowing conceptual animation: Prayer.9


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I’ll bet the cleanup was a bitch.


I can’t wait until we get past 9-11 imagry.


Difficult for me to get past how easily the glass shattered, and how evenly spaced all the falling bodies seemed to be, how unvaried in body shape they all were, lots of little things.

But mainly I couldn’t help thinking about cult mass-suicides. Not a fun thought, not particularly mind-blowing thought, just sort of ick.

Oh, and The Happening, suddenly I am thinking of that too. Why would mass suicide be a topic for the vibe they are setting up with the music? Really weird to me.


‘conceptual animation’ ? I was expecting something different from standard CGI special effects.


Well, except they never reached the bottom, so it really felt more like flying than suicide. Flying down, I’ll admit, but still…


plummeting downward…while crying and yelling/screaming.
…, after long, dramatic looks into the camera…

Yeah, gives me creepy Jonestown feels, personally. :unamused:


Summing up: Last day of work, you’re all fired.


I liked it but I just started a new corp job when I really just want to be on the beach. I saw not suicide but symbolic escape. But I’m probably projecting. I will admit it made me recall that scene in Permanent Midnight when he smokes crack and tries to run through the window and just lands on his ass instead, because that glass is not so easily broken.


How come they’re all 26 years old and white?


I still prefer the original


Glass is tough to break, but sometimes it’s not sealed into the window frame as securely as one might like. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Garry_Hoy


I still prefer the insane Chanel commercial based on that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JSRXtH3wRk


Good Lord! Way to make the students remember you. How tragic.


I always liked that ad.

If I’m not mistaken, the general area in which the Ormond Gigli photo was taken was the shooting location for some of West Side Story, and the area no longer exists - replaced by Lincoln Center.


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